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Abraham: Father of Faith
(8 programs on 2 DVDs) A lovely collection of programs that tell the patriarch’s story through drama..
Close Encounters with Yeshua
This ten-program series focuses on how Jesus/Yeshua supernaturally came and ministered on Earth, and..
Daniel and the Last Days' Battle for Planet Earth
(8 programs on 2 DVDs) This engaging TV series compares today’s news to yesterday’s prophecies and s..
Dark Prince: When The Devil Has His Day
(10 programs on 3 DVDs) Take a behind-the-scenes look at Evil’s workings at the ragged edge of human..
Divine Deliverance: from Avraham to Yeshua
Twleve 30-minute programs on 3 DVD. In this series, we examine how the Lord offered a message of del..
Esther: For Such a Time as This
(8 programs on 2 DVDs) Like Esther herself, we Believers may be alive for such a time as this. Progr..
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Ezekiel and the MidEast "Piece" Process
(8 programs, 2 DVDs) We delve into prophecies regarding Israel’s re-emergence as a nation-state at “..
Gospel According to Isaiah
(8 programs on 2 DVDs) See why New Testament authors have quoted Isaiah more than any other Old Test..
In The Footsteps of The Rabbi From Tarsus (DVD)
In this twelve-part TV series, Dr. Jeffrey Seif sheds light on the Apostle Paul, his movements, and ..
Joseph: Dreamer/Redeemer
(9 programs on 2 DVDs) Biblical patriarch Joseph, from his humble beginnings to his ascendancy as a ..
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Joshua: More than a Conqueror
In this series we examine how Joshua went from a dependable apprentice to the faithful leader of Isr..
Much Like Peter
Nine 30-minute TV programs on two DVDsOn the shore of the Sea of Galilee, Yeshua/Jesus called discip..
Ruth: Your People Shall Be My People (Discontinued)
This DVD series is DISCONTINUED.(8 programs on 2 DVDs) The story of Ruth and Boaz bears a similarity..
Sar Shalom: Prince of Peace
(8 programs on 2 DVDs) Jesus’ principal teachings come to life in Jeff’s passage-by-passage expositi..
She Shall Be Called Woman
(8 programs, 2 DVDs) Dr. Seif focuses on God’s wonderful creation of Man’s human complement: Woman. ..
Sons of Israel
Nine 30-minute TV programs on 3 DVDs. Filmed on location where it happened in the Holy Land. Zola te..
Sons of Promise: Isaac and Jacob
(8 programs, 2 DVDs) Joyful account of the history of Abraham's sons, Isaac and Jacob, and God’s ete..
Warrior King: David-like Leadership for Goliath-like Times (DVD)
Eight 30-minute TV programs on two DVDs. The Warrior King tells the story of King David’s time; b..

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