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Broken Branches — Has the Church Replaced Israel? (booklet)
What can replace Israel and the Jews in God’s plan? Certainly not America and not the Church. Noneth..
Christian Love Story (booklet)
The beautiful story of the wedding customs of Israel in Messiah’s time and how He fulfilled these tr..
Based on 5 reviews.
Epic Love Story (booklet)
The God of love is a matchmaker who desires a Bride for His Son, the Bridegroom of Heaven. This Brid..
Based on 1 reviews.
Genesis One — A Physicist Looks at Creation (booklet)
According to Professor Gerald Schroeder, a nuclear physicist from MIT, God’s creation took 15 billio..
Glory: The Future of the Believers (booklet)
Prophecy studies often deal with the Tribulation, the Antichrist, Armageddon and other cataclysms to..
How Can a Gentile Be Saved? (booklet)
As a Jew, Zola was constantly asked, “How did you get saved?,” as though Jewish salvation is hard to..
In My Father's House (booklet)
A very different and very important study. Most people plan more carefully for a two-week vacation t..
Israel's Right to The Land! (booklet)
Just as its title implies, this precious booklet (3.5" x 6") answers head-on the question “What righ..
Israel, My Promised (booklet)
See Israel through the eyes of Zola Levitt, a faithful son who has made the land of his Father his l..
Israel: By Divine Right! (transcript)
Zola and Tom McCall review and analyze how God deals with the “apple of His eye.” This is the only w..
Jerusalem Forever (booklet)
No other city in the world can claim God’s personal favor like Jerusalem. Over 3,000 years old, Jeru..
Messianic Passover Haggadah
You don’t have to be Jewish to relive the Feast of Redemption — just redeemed! This 2-color, 36-page..
Miracle of Passover (booklet)
A complete explanation of Passover, the crown jewel of the biblical feasts, and how the Messiah appe..
Based on 2 reviews.
Promised Land (booklet)
Travel with Zola and the location television crew as they film in various parts of the Holy Land. An..
Second Coming (booklet)
Examines in detail various theories of the Lord’s return and the Kingdom of God. Anticipate with new..
Secrets of The Scrolls (transcript) (out of print—eBook only)
Transcript of the Secrets of The Scrolls special. This program was so vital, so exciting, that we..
Seven Churches — Does Yours Fit In? (booklet)
The Lord appeared to the Apostle John on the island of Patmos and dictated the dramatic Revelation o..
Seven Feasts of Israel (booklet)
The elegant and beautiful system of the special days of holy convocation and how each one has been o..
Based on 8 reviews.
Signs of The End: The Millennium (booklet)
Three books in one. First: the Messiah’s own words warn about the conditions that will&nbs..
Spirit of Pentecost (booklet)
An insightful look at Peter’s stunning sermon based on Scripture from the Psalms and the Book of Joe..
The First Christians: Transcript
Zola explores the customs of Jesus’ day to better understand the earliest Believers, those with whom..
Whose Land Is It? (transcript and study booklet)
Merely watching and reviewing these three 30-minute programs will arm believer and unbeliever alike ..

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