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Battles with Seminaries
Is it really worth liberalizing Biblical doctrine to enroll a few extra students?  We don’t thi..
Coming: The End! Russia & Israel In Prophecy (book)
Our updated release of The Coming Russian Invasion of Israel, this study of a primary End Times prop..
Based on 1 reviews.
Dateline Jerusalem
“News and views from the world’s flashpoint of Bible Prophecy.” From keen insights into media bia..
Based on 1 reviews.
Jeff Seif draws on his experience as a police officer and theologian to walk readers through the Law..
House That God Built (DISCONTINUED)
A complete story of God’s house on Earth, past and future. This readable and entertaining discussion..
In The Footsteps of The Rabbi From Tarsus (book)
Thirteen of the New Testament’s 27 books bear Paul’s seal and signature. Consequently, he is the New..
Iranian Menace in Jewish History and Prophecy
Iran is central in End Times prophecy. At a time when Iran has captured the world’s attention with n..
Is Fanatic Islam A Global Threat? (DISCONTINUED)
This authoritative 275-page book gives the inside story on fanatic Islam and proves that it is curre..
Jesus: The Jew's Jew (book) - DISCONTINUED
Zola’s first book about his heritage and his faith—an especially fresh and unvarnished look at the w..
Meshumed! (Traitor) (DISCONTINUED)
Remarkable stories of Orthodox Jews who accepted their Messiah even in the concentration camps of Wo..
Mountains of Israel
Dr. Archbold has been a guest on Zola Levitt Presents. She presents a new perspective on the Arab-Is..
Once Through The New Testament
A most readable and clear survey of the New Testament. The theology is understandable and treated wi..
Our Hands Are Stained With Blood
Authored by the Dean of the Messiah Biblical Institute, this is the tragic story of the “Church” and..
Prophesied Messiah
A special book containing the major prophecies of the Messiah, along with photos and Holy Land maps ..
Based on 1 reviews.
The Rapture of the Church, discussed in full with relevant Scriptures. The various views of when it ..
Satan in the Sanctuary (book) (DISCONTINUED)
DISCONTINUED (see eBook) Zola’s bestseller concerning the history of Israel, the Temples and how ..
The Beginning of the End (book)
A most unusual book with a dramatic urgency, this writing is actually a word-for-word transcript of ..
The Bible Jesus Read
An entertaining and thorough tour of the Old Testament, with virtually every story included. Once pu..
Warrior King: David-like Leadership for Goliath-like Times (book)
From the eight-part TV series of the same title, this 86-page transcript of highlights includes doze..
What About Us?
How do the Scriptures touch on the relationship of Jews and gentiles at the end of the Age? Messian..
Woman by Divine Design (DISCONTINUED)
An original and refreshing look at what Jesus and Paul said to, for, and about women. Jeff and Sandr..
Zola's Introduction to Hebrew
Why is there no better book for learning Hebrew than this? Many, many reasons. First of all, Zola’s ..
Based on 8 reviews.

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