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Pilgrim's Journey — An Armchair Tour of the Holy Land
(9 programs on 3 DVDs) An armchair tour of the Holy Land. From Galilee to Jerusalem, this series exp..
Psalms of Ascent
(8 programs on 2 DVDs) Jeff and Sandra examine Psalms 120 to 134, which are known as the “Psalms of ..
It grows more and more difficult to make programs on End Times prophecy. Events threaten to overtake..
Ruth: Your People Shall Be My People
(8 programs on 2 DVDs) The story of Ruth and Boaz bears a similarity to the relationship of Myles an..
Sar Shalom: Prince of Peace
(8 programs on 2 DVDs) Jesus’ principal teachings come to life in Jeff’s passage-by-passage expositi..
Secrets of The Scrolls (DVD)
(7 programs on 2 DVDs) Coverage of the all-important unveiling of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Includes the..
Seven Feasts of Israel (DVD)
(7 programs on 2 DVDs) In video form, with footage from Israel, the feasts are seen in light of thei..
She Shall Be Called Woman
(8 programs, 2 DVDs) Dr. Seif focuses on God’s wonderful creation of Man’s human complement: Woman. ..
Sons of Israel
Nine 30-minute TV programs on 3 DVDs. Filmed on location where it happened in the Holy Land. Zola te..
Sons of Promise: Isaac and Jacob
(8 programs, 2 DVDs) Joyful account of the history of Abraham's sons, Isaac and Jacob, and God’s ete..
Stones Cry Out
(12 programs on 3 DVDs) Zola and his TV crew journey to Israel and Jordan to bring you archaeologica..
(6 programs on 2 DVDs) 5,000-year story of God’s dwelling place among His people. V172 The Tab..
Thy Kingdom Come: The Future of Believers (DVD)
(12 programs on 3 DVDs) This uplifting series chrono- logically follows the prophetic future that aw..
Times of the Signs
(8 programs on 2 DVDs) Myles and Katharine Weiss encourage Believers to look beyond the troubling pr..
Upon This Rock (Special)
(A one-hour TV special on DVD). Upon This Rock gives the profound Biblical perspective of the Temple..
Warrior King: David-like Leadership for Goliath-like Times (DVD)
(8 programs on 2 DVDs) Dramatic re-enactments—shot on locations in Israel—complement the teachings o..
Whose Land Is It? (DVD)
(3 programs on 1 DVD) Two highly-educated Christians of Middle East descent refute arguments of Pale..
Witnessing Series — A Practical Guide on Sharing Your Faith
(4 programs on 1 DVD) The key to witnessing is sharing the Bible. These programs are our response to..
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Zion Forever
(9 programs on 2 DVDs) Look back at Israel’s history and forward into prophecy while remembering the..
Zola's Highlights: A Collection of Classic Zola
(4 programs on 1 DVD) The best of Zola’s 30 years of Bible teaching from a Jewish perspective, much ..

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