In The Footsteps of The Rabbi From Tarsus (DVD)

In The Footsteps of The Rabbi From Tarsus (DVD)
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(12 programs on 3 DVDs) In this TV series, more than six hours of on-location video footage with Dr. Jeffrey Seif shed light on the Apostle Paul, his movements, and message.


945: First Steps Toward Christ
Paul’s conversion and subsequent ministry in Damascus/Arabia.
946: First “Official” Ministry
Paul’s movements in Jerusalem, Tarsus, and Cilicia and his “Famine Relief” visit to Jerusalem.
947: Apostolic Ordination and First Missionary Journey
Paul’s apostolic launch, noting his first missionary journey and follow-up trip to Jerusalem to sort out the angst that developed in the wake of his message to non-Jews.
948: Second and Third Missionary Journeys
Continues with Paul’s missionary trips and ends with his apparently ill-fated trek to Jerusalem.


949: Arrest and Appeal to Rome for Trial
Paul’s arrest, his transport to a Caesarean prison, and his appeal to Rome where he is eventually sent for trial.
950: Roman Imprisonment, Release, Travels and Death
Shows Paul imprisoned in Rome, his release and further ministry, and his eventual execution in Rome.

The next six programs consider Paul’s divinely inspired Parchments in the order they were written—not from longest to shortest, which is how they appear in the New Testament.

951: Paul’s Earliest Writings
952: Letter to the Corinthians, and Follow-up to the Thessalonians


953: Reconciliation with the Corinthians, and Roman Correspondence
954: Letters to Philemon, and the Colossians and Ephesians
955: Letters to the Philippians and Timothy
956: Final Steps and Farewell Letters to Titus and Timothy
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