In The Wilderness (mp3) (discontinued)

In The Wilderness (mp3) (discontinued)
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This single CD is discontinued but still available on “The Works 2” CD and for MP3 digital download. See related products.

Zola plays his own beautiful piano compositions, which were inspired by the wilderness of Israel. These thirteen songs, featured in The Holy Land Today video series, include the haunting desert melody A Way in the Wilderness and lively Middle Eastern tunes such as Am Yisrael Chai and Song of the Bedouin.

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Song Titles:

  1. In The Wilderness
  2. Streams In The Desert
  3. Alone With Him
  4. Am Yisrael Chai (The People Of Israel Live)
  5. Mirages
  6. Song Of The Bedouin
  7. Shifting Sands
  8. The Desert Rose
  9. Desert Breezes
  10. A Way In The Wilderness
  11. Star Showers
  12. Wanderings
  13. Secret Springs
CDs 1
Year 1991

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