Messiah (discontinued)

Messiah (discontinued)
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This single CD is discontinued but still available on “The Works I” CD and for MP3 digital download. See related products.

Songs about our Lord in the style of the music of the Holy Land. A truly exhilarating experience. A Jewish believer expresses his love for the Messiah in song! Word sheet included.

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Song Titles:

  1. Beloved Thief
  2. Can This Be?
  3. We are Back
  4. Messiah
  5. Have You Seen Him?
  6. I Shall Not Want (23rd Psalm)
  7. He was Here
  8. Hosanna
  9. I Give My Land to Thee
  10. Father, I'm Coming Home
  11. Who is He?
  12. A Thousand Years

Single CD is discontinued but still available with “The Works” CD. See related products

CDs 1
Year 1985

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