Seven Feasts of Israel (DVD)

Seven Feasts of Israel (DVD)
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(7 programs on 2 DVDs) In video form, with footage from Israel, the feasts are seen in light of their ultimate glory. A wonderful experience!

118: Passover/Unleavened Bread
The Messiah, clearly presented in this 3,500-year-old crown jewel of the biblical festivals.
119: First Fruits — The Resurrection
“In Adam all die… in Christ shall all be made alive” (1 Cor. 15:22). The true and elegant origin and meaning of Easter.
120: Pentecost
The real festival of the Harvest, fifteen centuries old when the Holy Spirit came. An uplifting look at a great miracle.
121: Trumpets
The Rapture in its original form. The liberating Festival of Trumpets heartened God’s people through the ages.
122: Atonement
An awesome day of confession and repentance still faithfully celebrated in the Jewish community today. A vital symbol of salvation.
123: Tabernacles
Thanksgiving, Old Testament style! Believers will celebrate this grand festival in Jerusalem for a thousand years to come!
124: Hanukkah/Purim
The delightful festivals of joy when Israel rejoices in the blessings of the Lord. The incredible noisemakers set Purim apart from any other religious rite.
DVDs 2
Year 1984

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