God of Miracles, The

God of Miracles, The
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We can’t read many pages in the Bible without encountering miracles. From Genesis to Revelation, Scripture reveals our miraculous God at work. In this nine-part series, Dr. Jeffrey Seif teaches the Bible from Israel to help us discover God's astonishing activity in His world. Jeff also talks with people who have experienced the Lord's supernatural hand in their own lives.


2309 “The Holy Spirit”
God's Spirit hovered over the waters at creation. Later, His Spirit descended on humans at Pentecost, saving 3,000 people. He also indwells Believers today. Jeff teaches about God's empowering and guiding Spirit from the Western Wall and the Southern Steps in Jerusalem.
2310 “The Exodus”
The Bible presents the Lord as Deliverer. While teaching from the Judean wilderness and Nehemiah's Wall in the City of David, Jeff emphasizes how God is devoted to building and rebuilding lives.
2311 “Death and Life”
Elijah resurrected the widow's son. Jesus resurrected His friend Lazarus. Filmed at Lazarus' Tomb and Bethany Church, Jeff highlights the Lord's power over life and death — both physical and spiritual.
2312 “Exile and Return”
God directs circumstances to accomplish His will. For ancient Jews, God allowed the Babylonian captivity. From a busy street in Jerusalem, Jeff teaches how God brought His people home, just as He promised.
2313 “The Incarnation”
From locations in and around Bethlehem, Jeff teaches about one of the most magnificent miracles—the birth of the Messiah, the prophesied Child, the Prince of Peace.
2314 “Our Daily Bread”
Not all miracles are spectacular. Many are very practical — from the feeding of a multitude to finding a coin in the mouth of a fish. The Lord is our benevolent Father who wants to give wonderful gifts to His children.
2315 “The Physical Realm”
Jeff defines a miracle as suspending the laws of nature. Whether changing water to wine or transforming a paralyzed man's limbs, the Lord moves in mysterious ways — both yesterday and today.
2316 “Our Greatest Need”
Life's circumstances can be debilitating. Our ultimate assurance comes from our Father, who loves us and desires to help us. Jeff teaches from the Pool of Siloam and the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem.
2317 "Bonus Interviews
Extended interviews with individuals appearing in this series as well as bonus interviews with Israeli Believers.

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