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Called Together
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(Eight programs on 2 DVDs). Called Together focuses on how gentile Christians are beginning to recognize their Messianic brothers and sisters (Jewish believers in Jesus/Yeshua) as the natural olive branch referred to by Paul in Romans 11. The Lord calls us to work together to bring the Messiah to the lost and especially to the lost sheep of the House of Israel. From the studio, David and Kirsten Hart present these eight programs of Bible teaching that feature “Our Man in Haifa” Eitan Shishkoff, location reports from Chaim Malespin, brief Hebrew lessons from Dana Feinstein and interviews with Christian lovers of Israel. Guest analyst Dr. Jeffrey Seif helps us apply these teachings to our lives.


“Friendly Alliance”
Guest teacher Eitan Shishkoff (“Our Man in Haifa”) points out that King Solomon’s help from gentile King Hiram in building the Temple foreshadows God’s salvation plan. Messianic evangelist Jacob Damkani reminds us that the Gospel originated with the Jews. Chaim Malespin welcomes springtime in Jerusalem, Dana Feinstein teaches us how to say “Father” in Hebrew, and guest analyst Dr. Jeffrey Seif talks with David and Kirsten. The Harts sing a song written by Zola Levitt.
“Salvation Returns”
Eitan reminds us that Israel was the “messenger light” to the gentiles; now gentiles take that Gospel message back to where it began. Importer of humanitarian aid Jim Schutz shows how gentile Believers reflect the love of God. An Israeli Jewish man and a Polish Christian woman call us to support the Jewish people. Chaim shows where he was married, and Dana teaches us to say “Jesus” in Hebrew. Jeff Seif discusses applications with David and Kirsten. Messianic Caroline Hyde sings.
“Two Loaves”
Peter learned the mystery of gentile salvation at the house of Cornelius, welcoming gentiles into the family of God. Eitan explains that the wall separating the gentile and Jewish worlds remains a barrier to Israel’s salvation. Vineyard owner Yaakov Berg compares grapes to the Jewish people making aliyah. Chris Chambers’s love for Israel resulted from his Christian faith. Chaim Malespin discovers who has been pruning the grapevines in Samaria, and Dana Feinstein teaches us God’s Hebrew name. David Hart sings Zola’s classic song “Sha’alu Shalom Yerushalayim” from his Jerusalem 3000 album.
“Olive Oil”
Eitan sees gentile Christians and the Messianic Jewish community as called together into a shared priesthood. David Parsons, media director at the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, invites Christians to come and help draw Jewish people back to our promise-keeping God. Activist “Jerusalem Jane” encourages Believers to stand with Israel. Chaim looks forward to the Eastern Gate’s eventual opening, and Dana teaches a Hebrew icebreaker, “What’s Up?” Harvey Schmitt sings Zola’s classic song “Righteous Gentile” from his Champions of Faith album.
“Desert Blooms”
Since 1948, Israel’s desert has bloomed. In the future, all nations will come here to worship. Eitan encourages Christians to help Messianic believers restore Israel to the glory of God. Vineyard owner Yaacov Berg refutes BDS movement claims. Chaim takes us to Shiloh where items from Tabernacle times are being unearthed, and Dana teaches us “Abraham” in Hebrew. David Hart sings Zola’s classic song “Faith in the Fire” from his Faith in the Fire album.
“Dry Bones”
Eitan recounts Ezekiel’s vision of dry bones that become physically and spiritually alive. Like the Prodigal Son’s brother, some Christians resent the rise of Messianic congregations. Native American Joaquin Guerrero relates to the Jewish people’s persecution, hostile environment, and spiritual connection to the land. Chaim takes us to the Western Wall, then introduces his family. Dana teaches us the Hebrew way to close one week and open a new one. Caroline Hyde sings “Hu Chai B’tochi.”
“Blood Atonement”
The Torah’s proclamation that life is in the blood and salvation comes only through blood sacrifice foreshadowed Yeshua’s sacrifice, which made Jew and gentile spiritually equal yet distinct. Together, we can celebrate the Biblical feasts in their Messianic fulfillment. Chaim at The Aliyah Return Center aids Jewish immigrants. Dana teaches us how to thank the God of the Armies in Hebrew. David and Kirsten sing “Yeshua,” a song by Zola.
“Intersection of Covenants”
Passover and Communion represent the intersection of the Covenants of God, breaking down the wall that divides Jewish and gentile Believers. Our friendship leads to mutual respect and appreciation as we work toward the final harvest as one family. Israeli Nir Lavi wonders why Christian tourists volunteer to work in his vineyard. Chaim and a Filipino Believer explain that Christians coming to help Israeli Jews fulfills a prophecy as the final harvest approaches. Messianic Caroline Hyde sings “Va-Yeh-He Or.”
DVDs 2
Year 2017

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