Beauty For Ashes

Beauty For Ashes
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(9 programs on 2 DVDs) Myles and Katharine Weiss contrast the horror that was the Holocaust with the miracle that is the modern state of Israel.

WARNING: These programs contain actual images from the Holocaust. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Hope
To Jewish refugees from Nazi-occupied Europe, the “Work Makes You Free” sign over the entrance to Auschwitz offered false hope. In 1948, Jewish hopes materialized when the modern State of Israel was born in a day (Isaiah 66:8). Featured guest: Noah Klieger.
The Ground
Holocaust survivors Meir Stern and Eva Mozes Kor recount riding in train cars bound for Auschwitz. The blood-soaked ground beneath the Death Wall contrasts significantly with the life-giving produce that grows in Israel today.
The Survivors
In Auschwitz, guide Teresa Wontor-Cichy informs Katharine of the extremely slim chances for survival the Jewish people faced. In Israel, a high-tech “start up nation” today, we hear from television producer Tal Barda and solar panel company CEO Avi Brenmiller.
The Chosen
As prisoners stepped off the train in Auschwitz, the Nazis’ selection process sent most of them directly to their deaths. Survivor Eva Mozes Kor recounts her own experience. From Caesarea, we hear about Israel’s restoration and desire to “repair the world” (Tikkun Olam).
The Heart
The crematoria at Auschwitz grimly remind Believers of the battle between good and evil. Myles and Katharine speak of Jewish contributions in the arts, and meet with the daughters of graphic artist Joseph Bau, a member of Schindler’s List.
The Process
Holocaust survivors recount their camp experiences: Eva Mozes Kor survived Dr. Josef Mengele’s inhumane medical experiments, and Noah Klieger reminds us that surviving the camps required a miracle.  Far from inhumane, science in Israel advances mankind’s welfare. Roy Zwebner shows off Be’er Sheva’s impressive technology center.
The Future
It is important for Believers to stand with the Jewish people and Israel. Holocaust survivors Eva Mozes Kor, Noah Klieger, and Meir Stern share their views of the future. Jerusalem’s shopping mall and busy streets show Israeli resilience and Divine deliverance.
The Peace
From a hot air balloon, Myles and Katharine share a vista of the stunning fields in Northern Galilee. Israelis who endured hardship to become established in Israel give their testimonies. Myles sings a benediction over the pond at Auschwitz.
Survivors Speak Out
Holocaust survivors Eva Mozes Kor, Noah Klieger, and Meir Stern speak further about being sent to death camps, survival techniques, liberation, and overcoming the traumatic experiences of their youth to live meaningful lives.
DVDs 2
Year 2016

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