Creation: A Scientist’s Choice (eBook only)

Creation: A Scientist’s Choice (eBook only)
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Read Journalist Zola Levitt’s fascinating interview with Dr. Moore, professor of natural science at Michigan State University and see how it can help you.

Dr. Moore is a professor who dares to expose his students to both the creation and evolution models… then lets them draw their own conclusions about origins. Though he once used only evolution to explain the origin of the universe, after years of study he now asks some pointed questions:

  1. Is it really scientific to call the evolution model a “theory” or a “hypothesis”?
  2. How does it affect school children when evolution is taught as fact?
  3. Does the way we believe about how man got here on earth make any difference in how we treat other people?
  4. Is it really fair to say that the creation model is a purely religious or philosophical belief? Isn’t belief in evolution also a system of faith?

A truly thought-provoking interview with a noted scientist.

eBook versions:

Author Zola Levitt
Copyright Year 1976
Pages 131

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