Covenants of God (music)

Covenants of God (music)
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Composed by Zola and played by him on his Lorée oboe, the "Stradivarius" of this beautiful orchestra instrument. This album's music reflects the beauty Zola has seen, the sadness he has felt and the pure inspiration God has given him. The next time you hear a sound like this, you'll be in heaven!

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Song Titles:

  1. In the Garden
  2. I Lay Down My Bow
  3. A Nation of Favor
  4. Remember My Ways
  5. Eternally Yours
  6. A Land For Always
  7. A King Forever
  8. Grace Enters In
  9. Between Man & God
  10. A Land For Always (reprise)
CDs 1
Year 1998

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