Beloved Thief (music CD)

Beloved Thief (music CD)
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The complete soundtrack of Zola’s marvelous musical show by the same title. The CDs contain fourteen songs, which accompany the action of the play. See also our video of this musical.

The ancient Israeli wedding customs as they parallel the great moment of the coming of the heavenly Bridegroom are portrayed in exciting Israeli music.  A fully-staged musical show with fine actors and singers in period costumes of first-century Israel.  An Enchanting and inspiring hour, worthy of many repeated listenings.  Lyrics included.

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Song Titles:

  1. We are the Chosen
  2. I Saw Her!
  3. I Saw Him Today
  4. Through the Night
  5. Wait For Me
  6. In My Father's House
  7. Yisrael Ahavati
  8. Water Into Wine
  9. Now I Can See!
  10. Alone With You, Lord
  11. On a Hill
  12. Follow Me To Galilee
  13. Lord, Remember Me
  14. Beloved Thief
CDs 1
Year 1986

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